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dbus_bool_t _dbus_full_duplex_pipe ( int *  fd1,
int *  fd2,
dbus_bool_t  blocking,
DBusError error 

Creates a full-duplex pipe (as in socketpair()). Sets both ends of the pipe nonblocking.

fd1 return location for one end
fd2 return location for the other end
blocking TRUE if pipe should be blocking
error error return
FALSE on failure (if error is set)

Definition at line 2990 of file dbus-sysdeps.c.

References _dbus_error_from_errno(), _dbus_set_fd_nonblocking(), _dbus_warn(), dbus_set_error(), FALSE, NULL, and TRUE.

Referenced by _dbus_spawn_async_with_babysitter().

  int fds[2];

  if (socketpair (AF_UNIX, SOCK_STREAM, 0, fds) < 0)
      dbus_set_error (error, _dbus_error_from_errno (errno),
                      "Could not create full-duplex pipe");
      return FALSE;

  if (!blocking &&
      (!_dbus_set_fd_nonblocking (fds[0], NULL) ||
       !_dbus_set_fd_nonblocking (fds[1], NULL)))
      dbus_set_error (error, _dbus_error_from_errno (errno),
                      "Could not set full-duplex pipe nonblocking");
      close (fds[0]);
      close (fds[1]);
      return FALSE;
  *fd1 = fds[0];
  *fd2 = fds[1];

  _dbus_verbose ("full-duplex pipe %d <-> %d\n",
                 *fd1, *fd2);
  return TRUE;  
  _dbus_warn ("_dbus_full_duplex_pipe() not implemented on this OS\n");
  dbus_set_error (error, DBUS_ERROR_FAILED,
                  "_dbus_full_duplex_pipe() not implemented on this OS");
  return FALSE;

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